2021 Medicaid Transfer Penalty Rates Announced   

Situation Report | January 4, 2021

The state Department of Health (DOH) has announced the Medicaid regional rates for calculating penalty periods in 2021 due to a Medicaid applicant’s transfer of assets.

The penalty periods apply to individuals who transfer assets during the “look-back period”: 60 months when applying for Medicaid nursing home services and a 30-month look-back for Medicaid community-based long term care services.  

The 2021 monthly rates are:  

  • New York City: $13,037
  • Long Island: $13,834
  • Northern Metropolitan: $13,206
  • Northeastern: $11,689
  • Central: $10,857
  • Rochester: $13,020
  • Western: $11,054

See the DOH notice for more information on which counties fall into the corresponding regions above.

Click here for further information on the Medicaid transfer of assets rules.