A Collection of HCA Advocacy Campaigns, Documents and Materials

“Home Care, Hospice and Managed Long Term Care Financial and Program Trends 2018” (PDF)

HCA’s “Power of Home Care” Video Profiling Patients (YouTube)

“Home Care Provides Lifeline for Patients in Hurricane Sandy’s Wake” (PDF)

“Home Care Face‐to‐Face Mandate: A Major Problem, A Simple Fix” (PDF)

“Home Care Advocacy Ask: Regulatory Relief for Home Care Providers” (PDF)

“Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Home Care is Already Your Hub for Community-Based DSRIP & Value Based Services” (PDF)

HCA’s “Bring The Vote Home” Campaign Website (link)

Ad and Flyer Campaign with Patient Profiles to Fight Budget Cuts (below are four examples from a series of nearly 20 flyers sent weekly to the Legislature and/or used as paid ads in statewide media):

  • Legislators: Nicole Needs Your Voice (PDF)
  • Legislators: Fardowsa Needs Your Voice (PDF)
  • Legislators: Giovanni Needs Your Voice (PDF)
  • Legislators: Jim Needs Your Voice (PDF)