Alert Corrects NYC Renewal Notice Error Informing Clients of Intent to Close Medicaid Cases

In a recent Medicaid Alert, the New York City Human Resources Administration reports that “Notices of Intent to Close Medicaid Cases” were sent in error to clients whose renewals were due in May. The notices were sent during the week of May 18 to 23.

The alert informs agencies that the Medicaid cases will not close for any of these consumers and coverage will be extended, whether or not the client returned the renewal, as per New York State COVID-19 emergency easements.

Consumers were sent the following correction:

We are writing to inform you that you received a Medicaid/Managed Long Term Care/Nursing Homes/Medicare Savings Program Renewal closing notice in error. Your Medicaid case will not close, [and] you do not have to take an action to continue your Medicaid coverage. No Medicaid cases will close during the COVID-19 Emergency. Your Medicaid Renewal was due in May 2020; however, even if you did not return your renewal, your Medicaid case has been extended.

The Medicaid Alert is here.