Best-Practice Webinars, COVID-19 Testing, and Virtual Social Services, All Free to You or Your Patients through HCA  

Situation Report | March 1, 2021

HCA reminds members to access, share, and enroll in several free-of-charge opportunities and resources made possible through grant support to HCA.

These are grant dollars funding initiatives to support you. Please make sure you, your staff and your organization are taking advantage of these opportunities, including:

Virtual Senior Center (VSC)

New start-up funds are now available to enroll up to 35 of your patients into the Virtual Senior Center (VSC) at no cost to you or your patients for three to five months, along with longer term discounts. Learn more by visiting the Virtual Senior Center webpage and, specifically, the tab for “Startup Funds Now Available.” This is an incredible benefit and service to help overcome social isolation for homebound elderly.

Best-Practice Webinars

HCA’s best-practice webinar series offers 12 on-demand learning sessions featuring home care agencies and experts in the field sharing insights, tips and training on everything from care protocols to infection control to psychosocial supports for workers, recruitment and retention, and more. You can watch one webinar, several, or all 12 at any time, all free of charge. Please see the course list, register today, and encourage your staff to do the same.

COVID-19 Specimen Collection 

Tuition coverage for “Home Care Clinician Training for COVID-19 Testing” has been extended to June 30. This means your nurses and respiratory therapists can continue to take this on-demand course free of charge and learn the intricacies of COVID-19 specimen collection in home care. Register today for this training at

All of HCA’s grant-supported initiatives can be found in one place on our Innovations page here.