Situation Report | June 28, 2021  

Last week, the state Department of Health (DOH) held two webinars to describe the new survey process that will be used to determine any new awardees under the previous Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Request for Offers (RFO).  

The webinar materials will be posted here.  

DOH will also be posting Frequently Asked Questions it received during the webinars and via e-mail by June 30. The surveys are due by July 30 (this date won’t be extended).  

Some important information presented at the webinar includes: 

  • Those not selected under the original RFO (“non-awarded offerors”) will only be considered for an additional award if they respond to the survey.
  • For-profit FIs can qualify as one of the additional awardees even though not-for-profit status is one of the eligibility criteria under some of the new award categories.
  • While current awardees (aka “awarded offerors”) are asked to complete the survey, those current awardees who don’t won’t be penalized.
  • Responses to the survey will not affect the status of current awards to awarded offerors but will serve to inform whether additional awards are necessary based on the new selection criteria.
  • Individual offeror scores resulting from DOH’s review of the proposals submitted in response to the original RFO will not be changed or modified as a result of the survey. The survey results will be used only to determine where additional awards are needed to meet the requirements of state law.
  • For all categories, additional awards will be made to the next highest scoring qualified offeror(s), to the extent such qualified offerors exist, until the selection criteria in state law are met. Nothing contained in the RFO or state law allows an organization that did not submit an offer in response to the RFO to be considered for award by DOH through a response to this survey.