Congress Moves Ahead with $3.5 Trillion Budget

Situation Report | August 30, 2021 

Story contributed by Brett Heimov, Managing Director, Envision Strategy – HCA’s retained federal strategists

The House joined the Senate this past week in passing a budget resolution that would allow for up to a $3.5 trillion budget and allow Democrats to use the budget reconciliation process, thereby avoiding the 60 votes threshold and a filibuster in the Senate. If Democrats can come to a final agreement on the package, it will be passed on a straight party line vote as no Republican is expected to support a package of this size.

Several moderate Democrats, in the both the House and Senate, have come out and said they will not support a final budget that uses the entire $3.5 trillion available, and that a smaller package will have to be worked out for them to support it. If these Members hold true to their word, they can block any package from passing. It is anticipated that a smaller package will be worked out with the White House that will include some, if not all, of the Better Care Better Jobs Act, which provides for a $400 billion investment in home care.

Congress is currently on recess. The House is expected to resume discussion in early September and the Senate is expected to return on September 13. HCA will be closely monitoring negotiations over the next month and working with our Congressional Delegation to determine what will be included in a final package for home care.