Did You Miss Thursday’s Virtual Senior Center Launch Webinar? Watch the Archive To Connect Your Patients Today!

Situation Report | July 27, 2020

On July 24, HCA was joined by Selfhelp Community Services in an introductory webinar formally opening the door for your home care patients or clients to access Selfhelp’s Virtual Senior Center (VSC).

If you missed the webinar, no problem. An archive is available here. The slide presentation is here

As revealed in the webinar, Selfhelp has already achieved incredible outcomes offering the VSC to its own home and community-based clients. Under a grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, HCA Education and Research (E&R) and Selfhelp are working to expand the VSC’s capabilities and invite home and community-based providers across New York State to enroll their own clientele as well. Thursday’s webinar explained that process. It also described the VSC, its benefits and why it is a vital platform for seniors to connect, especially now at a time of increased social isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, the powerful video testimonial of home care client John Gaidis is one of many strong endorsements for the program, as shown during the webinar.

The webinar also walked participants through the intake and onboarding process, including the assessment criteria you should consider for your home care clients to determine if they are best suited to benefit from enrolling in the platform.

Additional webinars will be announced soon about upcoming VSC enhancements anticipated this fall, supported under the grant. However, as stressed during the webinar, agencies can now enroll their patients in the VSC even as expanded VSC content is being ramped up. Agencies interested in enrolling their patients or clients are encouraged to contact Selfhelp directly at vsc@selfhelp.net or (718) 559-4460.

HCA especially thanks Selfhelp Chief Operating Officer Russell Lusak, a member of HCA’s Board, and his team (Barbara-Ann Fox, Tova Klein and Elizabeth Lynn) for leading the webinar and providing this important information to help get you started on bringing the VSC to your home care clients and patients.