DOH Posts Survey for Additional FIs

Situation Report | June 21, 2021

The state Department of Health (DOH) has issued a survey to all fiscal intermediaries (FI) that submitted a qualified offer under the Request for Offers (RFO) No. 20039 for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP).

The action stems from the final 2021-22 state budget. Legislators advanced language allowing for a limited number of additional FI awardees based on survey responses to specific criteria outlined in the law.

The survey is expected to be completed by all qualified offerors, including those that received an initial award in February 2021, and responses will be reviewed by DOH’s central office staff in Albany to make additional awards under the RFO. Non-awarded qualified offerors will not be considered for an award if the survey is not submitted by July 30.

The survey is available here.

DOH considers this survey and the resulting additional awards as a continuation of RFO No. 20039 and, thus, will not proceed to the contracting process with any awarded FI until the survey process is complete and the total number of awards have been made.

Upcoming Webinars

DOH will be hosting two webinar sessions to provide an overview of the survey and allow for questions related directly to the survey. Each session will contain the same information, and organizations should only register for one session at the links below.

Only questions related to this survey process can be submitted by June 25 to DOH says it will not answer any questions related to the original RFO, the initial award process, contracting, or any other area. Individuals will be directed back to previously posted materials for answers on non-survey issues.

The anticipated contract start date for all awards is on or after November 1, 2021.

Other Important Information

Some important points in the survey document include:

  • Individual offeror scores resulting from DOH’s review of the proposals submitted in response to the RFO will not be changed or modified as a result of the survey. The survey results will be used only to determine where additional awards are needed to meet the requirements of state law.
  • For all categories, additional awards will be made to the next highest scoring qualified offeror(s) until the selection criteria in state law are met. Nothing contained in the RFO or state law allows an organization that did not submit an offer in response to the RFO to be considered for award by the Department through a response to this survey.
  • The Department says it intends to make as few additional awards as needed to satisfy the legislative criteria and to provide geographic distribution and ensure access in different regions of the state, consistent with section 365-f of the Social Services Law.

Throughout the legislative session, HCA sought amendments to the RFO, urging language that would allow qualified FIs to continue under a supplemental award process. While the state budget included language allowing for some supplemental awards through this now-announced survey, we urged additional changes to prevent the RFO from excluding quality FIs effectively serving cases. HCA will continue to provide information and guidance throughout this process.