DOH: Survey Non-Responders May Face Penalties  

Situation Report | January 25, 2021 

The state Department of Health (DOH) has advised HCA that, beginning on January 4, 2021, any Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA) or hospice that fails to submit required COVID-19 surveys more than twice in a month will be referred for enforcement and face a possible $2,000 fine per occurrence.     

These surveys, through the Health Electronic Response Data System (HERDS), are required to be submitted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, including holidays. Agencies receive an Integrated Health Alerting and Notification System (IHANS) alert at approximately 8 a.m. reminding them to complete and submit the survey. DOH compiles a list of non-submitters at 2 p.m. and calls every CHHA and hospice that failed to submit, including those that saved the data but did not officially submit it. Agencies should designate staff that are responsible for submission of the surveys, including on holidays.  

According to DOH, the survey data is used to ensure that DOH is aware of the number of COVID-19 patients on home care service (suspected and confirmed) and the status of the personal protective equipment (PPE) at each agency. The data is pulled into a report and there is follow up with agencies whose report indicates that they are running low on PPE.  

On numerous occasions, HCA has requested this survey information for industrywide situational awareness and to advocate for providers and patients, but DOH has not agreed to share this information. HCA has also asked DOH to notify all CHHAs and hospices of this new enforcement procedure.  

Any provider who is having difficulty completing the surveys should contact DOH at or (518) 408-1638.