EVV Training Requirements Updated 

Situation Report | March 8, 2021

The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Program Guidelines and Requirements document has been updated 

It now includes the minimum training requirements that provider agencies and fiscal intermediaries must adhere to when training their EVV system staff and caregivers. EVV training requirements are subject to change based on federal and state requirements.  

EVV training programs must meet the requirements by August 1, 2021. 

All providers and fiscal intermediaries must provide training to their caregivers, agency staff and EVV system users submitting EVV data to the state Department of Health. Training may be delivered in any format, including instructor-led, webinars and self-service online training.  

All providers and fiscal intermediaries must provide training to all users of the system prior to any user submitting EVV data and provide training refreshers annually to all users. When major changes to the EVV program occur, training on such changes must be included in the next annual training cycle if not sooner. The training materials must always be available to train any new users upon their starting in a position that requires use of EVV.