Extraordinary Circumstances, Extraordinary Individuals: Our Home Care Heroes

Over the past several weeks, HCA has been inspired by the outpouring of stories celebrating home care, hospice and community care nurses, aides, therapists and operational staff as part of our new Home Care Heroes recognition program.

The individuals profiled here are people who have “moved mountains” — and reached peaks — to keep critical programs running, delivering care for New Yorkers under circumstances nobody could have ever imagined in COVID-19.

They’ve done so in ways that will fundamentally change the landscape of home care — forever.

Through our Home Care Heroes campaign, we’ve heard stories of aides, nurses and therapists stepping up — and into — new roles, overlooking personal dangers and fear to cover for sick colleagues, knowing that many of their patients, too, were sick during the pandemic and needed help; knowing also that entering a patient’s home may put their own lives at risk.

They’ve done so selflessly.

They’ve shined as problem solvers, preparing new policies and procedures for infection control in response to fast-evolving information.

They’ve mentored one another, and raced to secure PPE, even traveling thousands of miles to track down sources of basic supplies to keep their teams safe.

They’ve shown exceptional volunteerism. They’ve educated their patients and families. They’ve worked through tears, loss and anguish all around them.

Please join us in celebrating these exceptional individuals and learn more about how they reflect the values, skills and compassion at the heart of home and community-based care.