Federal Update: Debt Ceiling, Reconciliation and Appropriations Continued 

Update provided by Brett Heimov, Managing Director, Envision Strategy

Situation Report | October 11, 2021 

The three main things Congress has to complete by year end continues to be front and center: raising the debt ceiling, a reconciliation package and the annual appropriations bills.

A deal was reached on raising the debt ceiling through November and into early December. This deal will allow Democrats two more months to try and resolve internal differences to reach an agreement on a reconciliation package that could include a long term debt ceiling increase. Discussions are now centered around a $2 trillion package as opposed to the $3.5 trillion package that was originally proposed.

Cutting the proposal by nearly half leaves Democrats with numerous questions as to what they will fund and what will be left on the cutting room floor. It is still anticipated some funding will be included for the Better Care Better Jobs Act, but how much is the question. The final piece of the puzzle is the annual appropriations bills. While a continuing resolution has been passed to fund the government through early December, another continuing resolution or omnibus appropriations bill will need to be passed, as well.

HCA and Envision Strategy will continue to update providers on federal happenings as more is learned.