For Sepsis Month, HCA Discusses Signs, Symptoms and Home Care’s Role Fighting Lethal Condition with WNYT’s Benita Zahn

Situation Report | September 28, 2020

As part of our ongoing public education efforts during Sepsis Awareness Month in September, HCA President Al Cardillo talked last week with Dr. Benita Zahn for her “Health Beat” program on WNYT NewsChannel 13 about the signs and symptoms of this lethal condition, which claims more than 258,000 lives annually. Watch the clip here.

Sepsis is a condition where early diagnosis and treatment are vital. Mortality from sepsis increases 8% every hour that treatment is delayed. On a systemic level, it is costly, accounting for the most expensive hospital condition billed to Medicare and the number 1 cause of hospital readmissions.

As extensively reported, home care is performing a vital role and HCA is working hard to #StopSepsisatHome, the title of our screening initiative led by home care clinicians to prevent the 80% of sepsis cases that occur in the home.

If you haven’t yet adopted this screening program, you can learn more and license our tool and protocols on HCA’s Stop Sepsis at Home NY website.

See also last week’s Situation Report article for other recent Sepsis Awareness Month developments, including a Senate resolution recognizing Sepsis Awareness Month, new upcoming research on sepsis screening outcomes from HCR Home Care, and more.