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Advisory Issued on Tropical Storm Elsa  

The state Department of Health (DOH) today issued an Advisory related to Tropical Storm Elsa. The Advisory is available here.

DOH is closely monitoring updates to the forecasted path of Tropical Storm Elsa. Based on the current forecasted track of the storm, the National Weather Service does not expect a serious impact on coastal areas of NYS. At this time, there is no expectation that large scale evacuation will be needed. This expectation is subject to change should the path of the storm should take a more westerly direction over the next 24 hours.

Potential Impacts of the Storm May Include: 

  • Heavy rain beginning overnight Thursday (tonight) of 1-3″ with the 3″ potential on LI, between 2 am to 12 pm tomorrow.
  • Sustained winds in NYC of 20-30 Mile Per Hour (MPH) with gusts up to 40 MPH and sustained winds on LI of 35-40 MPH with gusts up to 50 MPH for a period of 4-6 hours tonight into Friday morning.
  • Low potential for tornadic spin-offs.
  • Power outages/downed trees.
  • Rip currents, minor flash flooding of 2-3″, potentially high surf of 6-9 feet.
  • Heat index will be in the lower 90s.

Home care, Hospices, and Other Providers Are Advised to Take the Following Actions:

  • Given some potential for power outages, it is essential to review plans for the loss of power; test and confirm operations of emergency generators; acquire or confirm adequate generator fuel supply is onsite for at least 96 hours.
  • Review communication plans (detailed instructions are in the Alert).
  • Update employee rosters and ensure backup of this roster; home care agencies must assure that they have a paper copy of employee roster.
  • Consider alternate staffing arrangements; shifts and management of staffing shortages due to transportation impacts.
  • Ensure preparations for staff that must be boarded on site if roadways are not passable and staff cannot get to or from their work location.
  • Review and update patient/resident census; home care agencies must ensure they have a paper roster of patients and residents.
  • Ensure that all business and emergency contact information for key administrators and roles in the state’s Health Commerce System (HCS) Communications Directory are updated and accurate.

Contact Information:

Providers should monitor emails and texts for further alerts and reach out to local health department preparedness officials and office of emergency management for specific local actions and assistance.

Providers may also contact HCA’s Vice President for Program Policy and Services, Andrew Koski.