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DOH Planning Revisions, Testing of Emergency Preparedness Surveys

HCA participated in a meeting yesterday with the state Department of Health (DOH) officials to review DOH-revised survey instruments for home care agencies and hospices for completion and tracking during public emergencies.

Specific parts of a multipart survey process are designed by DOH to be put into motion in emergencies depending on the nature, extent and details of the emergency.

The sections of the survey include basic agency and patient information, agency surge capacity resources and/or assistance needs, evacuation and repatriation information, and others.

The Department also reviewed a survey intended for completion by hospice providers to determine the status and extent of emergency preparedness planning.

The Department also plans to issue in the next several months a Dear Administrator letter reminding, clarifying and stipulating for providers the required contact persons and roles for indication on the Health Commerce System (HCS). HCA reminds providers to check their agency’s contacts currently listed/required for the HCS to be sure that all such individuals and related information is accurate and up to date.

HCA’s home care agencies and hospices can review the draft surveys at the links below and provide HCA with any further comments on the survey, which we, in turn, will add to our feedback to the Department.

DOH plans an HCS emergency preparedness drill this spring using the revised survey tools. HCA requested and DOH agreed to conduct a webinar, likely to be held in February, providing a walk-through of the surveys and an opportunity for exchange with the home care sector.

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