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Governor Announces DSRIP Funding Allocations to PPSs

Governor Cuomo today announced the awarding of specific funding allocations for each of the state’s performing provider systems (PPSs) under the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program.

By establishing collaborative networks, the PPS projects are tasked with achieving a 25 percent reduction in avoidable hospital use over five years.

Home care providers throughout the state have been working within the PPS frameworks and should continue to communicate their value proposition to the lead entities in each regional network. This means, in part, ensuring a place within the new funding streams to assist with: readmission avoidance, disease management interventions, infection control and wound care specialties, maternal-infant care and other home and community-based approaches to help the PPS project leads meet their deliverables.

Each PPS submitted a plan, upon which awards (also known as ‘valuations’) are based. PPSs that meet benchmarks and performance metrics will be eligible to receive the full amount of their valuations. PPS applications are available here. PPSs must submit their Implementation Plans by July 31.

In conjunction with Friday’s ASAP newsletter, HCA posted a website story (here) with a list of key DSRIP implementation, training and reporting deliverables, including links to resources. Members should review the list, which includes dates for upcoming webinars and quarterly report timetables. Building on our recent New Models conference and other educational programs, HCA will continue to present new resources, newsletter updates and future programming to assist members participating in PPSs.

In all, 25 PPSs have already received state and federal approval, and have been notified of the dollar amounts they may receive during the five-year DSRIP program. The 25 Performing Provider Systems and specific valuation amounts are listed below. (Source: Governor’s press release here).

Safety Net PPSs Total Amount
Adirondack Health Institute, Inc. $186,715,496
Advocate Community Providers, Inc. $700,038,844
Albany Medical Center Hospital $141,430,547
Alliance for Better Health Care, LLC $250,232,844
Bassett Medical Center $71,839,379
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center $153,930,779
Finger Lakes Performing Provider System, Inc. $565,448,177
Maimonides Medical Center $489,039,450
Montefiore Medical Center $249,071,149
Mount Sinai PPS, LLC $389,900,648
NYU Lutheran Medical Center $127,740,537
Refuah Community Health Collaborative $45,634,589
Samaritan Medical Center $78,062,822
SBH Health System $384,271,362
Sisters of Charity Hospital of Buffalo, New York $92,253,402
Southern Tier Rural Integrated Performing Provider System, Inc. $224,540,274
Staten Island Performing Provider System, LLC $217,087,986
The New York and Presbyterian Hospital $97,712,825
The New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens $31,776,993
Public PPSs Total Amount
Central New York Care Collaborative, Inc. $323,029,955
Millennium Collaborative Care $243,019,729
Nassau Queens Performing Provider System, LLC $535,396,603
The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation $1,215,165,724
State University of New York at Stony Brook University Hospital $298,562,084
Westchester Medical Center $273,923,615