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HCA Invites You to Bring The Vote Home-NY

HCA is excited to formally introduce Bring The Vote Home New York (BTVH-NY).

HCA President Joanne Cunningham previewed this new campaign at HCA’s Annual Conference earlier this month. Today we are formally launching New York’s version of this national initiative, which is helping home care patients get registered and able to vote, so their voices are heard in the political process.

Bring the Vote Home is taking place in states across the country, including New York. In essence, the campaign offers an easy process for your staff to distribute forms during home visits so their patients can register and receive an absentee ballot. HCA is sponsoring the New York part of the campaign. Please check out our website at and see the video below.

Here is a sample of the material we will be providing your staff to distribute to patients. Please feel free to review these materials, but we will provide you with more information soon on how to use this document and others.



We estimate that over 400,000 people receive home care here in New York, including many individuals served by your organization. That’s thousands of potentially new voters whom your staff can arm with voter registration forms and absentee ballots so patients can easily vote from home, and so patients are no longer prevented from voting because of a life-limiting illness or disability that prevent traveling to the polls.

This initiative helps your patients. It also makes elected officials more responsive and alert to a growing home care electorate, and that means better policies for home care services and beneficiaries,

How to Participate

If you are interested in learning more about Bring the Vote Home New York, or already know you’d like your agency to participate, please complete the online form here.

Once we hear that you are interested in participating, HCA will follow up soon with more information, including fact sheets and a schedule of conference calls to discuss next steps with participating agencies! We’ll also be happy to come to your organization to provide orientation about this initiative.

Please note that we are using this online form simply to identify interested organizations whose leaders want to know more and are likely to participate. Your completion of the online form is not a formal commitment to participate; it’s just a way for us to connect with you on the campaign in the hopes that you will choose to implement Bring The Vote Home at your agency in the very near future.

BTVH-NY Champions

To help with education and implementation, we ask that you assign a point person from your agency (called a BTVH-NY Champion) who we can communicate with. This person will, in turn, provide instructions to the rest of your staff so they can distribute forms to patients interested in voting. Your agency’s Champion will also help monitor the progress of this initiative, answer questions, etc.

BTVH-NY is designed to be quick and easy, and any participating staff will be given explicit instructions about what to do, as well as what not to do. HCA is available to answer any questions and provide support along the way to you, your BTVH-NY Champions and participating staff. Our goal is for Bring The Vote Home New York to distribute thousands of voter registration forms and/or absentee ballot applications in 2016. Thank you for doing your part to help us reach that goal.

Bonus Prize

BONUS: The first 15 people to complete the registration process expressing interest will be entered to win a $250 VISA gift card!

We hope you’ll join us! We can’t wait to get started!