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Write Lawmakers Today on Home Care Wage Proposal

A proposal requiring aide compensation at 112 percent of minimum wage is gaining steam in the state budget process. It follows and accompanies standalone state legislation, previously introduced outside the budget process, which calls for aide wages at 150 percent of minimum wage.

While well-intended, these proposals are inconsistent with how the home care system is structured and reimbursed. The state Senate’s budget proposal, in particular, relies on one-time Medicaid appropriations from federal aid and, therefore, does not provide equitable, sufficient, or long-term investments to cover the real costs for employers.

Write Your Legislator Today

Write your legislator today urging a more productive, long-term solution for workforce support, as we’ve advanced in HCA’s recent budget amendments to the Legislature.

Our latest Legislative Action Center campaign takes less than a minute to act on. It expresses support for higher wages but urges a more methodical rate structure for wages and non-wage worker supports as reflected in HCA’s proposal.