Get PDGM Benchmarks You Need with Chris Attaya at HCA’s 9/9 Finance Retreat

Situation Report | August 16, 2021 

With well over a year into PDGM’s implementation, the timing is right to leverage what we know from the data so far.    

What is the impact of COVID-19, and how can you plan for the future now that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services expects to continue the model with its behavioral adjustments and other core PDGM elements largely intact?  

At HCA’s upcoming Senior Financial Manager’s Retreat on September 9, renowned PDGM analyst Chris Attaya, Vice President of Product Strategy at Strategic Healthcare Programs, will take you on a deep dive into the data, discuss lessons learned, and help you to understand what the data shows regarding behavioral adjustments, and more.   

This program is a one-of-a-kind finance seminar with multiple sessions for home care, hospice and Managed Long Term Care finance leaders offering information you can’t find elsewhere. Register today.