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Situation Report | September 28, 2020 

Throughout the past several months, HCA has unveiled a series of innovative programs generously funded by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to support the care you provide patients in the COVID-19 health emergency and beyond.

We invite all HCA members and non-members to make the most of these offerings featured in one place on HCA’s website at

There you can find all four of the Cabrini-funded initiatives below, with navigation links to further information on each program.

Below is the latest news on each initiative, HCA’s partners for each program, and how to get further information.

Home Care Clinician Training for COVID-19 Testing

This program offers on-demand training for home care nurses and respiratory therapists on COVID-19 testing procedures that can be provided in the home.

So far, the program has trained more than 1,800 clinicians at over 130 organizations. The grant expires at year’s end, so please be sure that your nurses and respiratory therapists complete this training as soon as possible to help patients in your community.

HCA’s program partners: Mohawk Valley Health System and Iroquois Healthcare Association.

More information is at

Statewide Hospital-Home Care Collaborative for COVID-19 and Beyond

This program includes a series of webinars, technical support resources and other measures to promote collaboration between hospitals and home care providers for COVID-19 care and beyond.

Our first webinar was on September 17 with Northwell Health presenting its program to treat people at home for COVID-19, so they can avoid hospitalization. An archive of the session is here. There are six more webinars coming up over the next three months. Please visit the Collaborative webpage where you can learn more about registering and to add all upcoming events to your calendars so that you get a notification to join them.

HCA program partners: Healthcare Association of New York State and Iroquois Healthcare Association.

More information is at

Statewide Virtual Senior Center (VSC) Now Available for Your Patients/Clients

HCA and HCA Member Selfhelp Community Services are working together to build up capacity and expand access to Selfhelp’s Virtual Senior Center (VSC), so that all patients or clients served by home and community-based care providers can access this powerful platform in every region of New York State.

The COVID-19 health emergency has made the VSC all the more vital in helping to overcome social isolation among older adults, including your patients or clients.

You can begin referring your patients/clients for enrollment in the VSC today. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined here under “How to Connect Your Patients/Clients.”

For further information, promotional materials, news articles and our webinar introducing the VSC, please click here.

Program partners: Selfhelp Community Services.

More information is at

Best Clinical and Operational Practices in COVID and Beyond

Please look for more information coming soon on HCA’s best-practices learning initiative. As part of this program, HCA will soon be announcing a series of on-demand education programs providing information and insights on best-practices ranging from care protocols to infection control to psychosocial supports for workers, recruitment and retention, and more. Background about the program is here.

For more information, visit