Have a Home Care Vaccination Program? Tell Us About it for New Online Feature

Situation Report | March 22, 2021

HCA is developing a new online feature called Home Care #VaccinateNY where we are profiling home care agencies who are vaccinating staff and/or patients.

The webpage will include pictures and summaries of what home care providers are doing on the vaccination front, noting home care’s long history of public health expertise, including vaccinations.

Our first feature is Nascentia Health, who garnered several news headlines earlier this month for offering upstate New York’s first home care-led vaccination program reaching homebound New Yorkers.

HCA is proud to showcase the work of home care providers who are doing their part in the COVID-19 response and vaccination effort. This new online feature is another opportunity for positive publicity, including in the media. It also further reveals home care’s value to legislators, state and federal officials, and other stakeholders.

To contribute your organization’s story, please contact HCA’s Communications Director Roger Noyes at rnoyes@hcanys.org or at (518) 810-0665. You can send a summary of your program along with a photo, or we can interview you to learn more details and write about your vaccination efforts.