HCA Co-Hosting Webinar on “State of Home Care in NY” 

Situation Report | August 24, 2020

On September 11 at 11 a.m., HCA and Home Care Pulse are co-hosting a statewide webinar on “The State of Home Care in New York.” The webinar (registration is here) will feature the benchmarking results from Home Care Pulse’s survey of providers in the state.

Join Erik Madsen, from Home Care Pulse, and HCA President Al Cardillo in this presentation of findings from the 2020 NY State Report that illustrate trends and benchmarks for local providers in areas like sales/marketing, recruitment/retention/finance, operations and the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

The webinar will cover the survey findings on:

  • The caregiver turnover rate and hourly caregiver pay ranges in NY
  • The top 5 payer sources and referral sources in NY
  • Average client growth rates and client acquisition costs in NY
  • How you can access the full 2020 New York State Report