HCA Data Webpage to Include 2019 MLTC & PACE MMCOR Data  

Situation Report | March 29, 2021  

Later today, HCA Data, our online library of data reports for members only, will include a new HCA-developed spreadsheet of the 2019 Medicaid Managed Care Operating Reports (MMCORs) for all Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans and Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) plans operating in the state. 

The file will be posted under “Medicaid Managed Care Operating Report (MMCOR) Data.”

HCA Data provides data reports to assist home care and hospice providers and managed care plans in their benchmarking efforts, understanding of system-wide trends, and access to reimbursement and premium rates. The page is not visible on our site unless you are logged in with an HCA member website account. 

Our log-in page is here. Upon login, the HCA Data link will appear in the site menu at the top right (though you may have to refresh your browser first).

If you do not have an HCA website account, simply e-mail HCA’s Membership Director Laura Constable at lconstable@hcanys.org for assistance.

Some of the information available in HCA’s newly developed spreadsheet of 2019 MMCOR data will include: plan enrollments; per-member-per-month premium revenue and premium income; operating margins; balance sheet data; contingent reserves and escrow balances; additional funding for minimum wage; unit costs and utilization data by key services; and other information broken down by the four regions of the state. It also will include specific statewide aggregate data for both MLTCs and PACE programs.  

HCA has submitted a freedom of information act request (FOIL) to the state Department of Health (DOH) for the 2018 Statistical Reports submitted by all home health agencies and hospices, which we expect to receive from the Department this summer or fall. HCA will also be submitting a FOIL request for the 2019 Medicaid Cost Reports submitted by all non-hospital-based Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs), and Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) in the state. 

HCA Data currently has 2018 CHHA Medicaid Cost Report data available to members. 

For further additional information on the HCA-developed spreadsheets, contact either Lauren Ford at LFord@hcanys.org or Patrick Conole at pconole@hcanys.org.