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Albany Times Union: COVID-19 crisis leaves N.Y. home health aides, visiting nurses without masks, gowns

The Albany Times Union, on March 26, reports that: “A recent survey by the Home Care Association of New York found that nearly 300 home care providers are serving a collective 14,000 New Yorkers who are considered ‘priority level 1’— meaning they are patients who, without home care, would face a ‘rapid, immediately life-threatening deterioration’ of their health and require transport to another setting such as a hospital.”

“The survey also found that 68 percent of home- and community-based providers say they do not have access to adequate personal protective equipment.”

“‘Almost half (48%) report instances where patients and/or family members refuse entry of staff in the home due to concerns about the virus at a time when home health agencies are working vigorously to screen caregivers and patients alike for the safety of both,'” said HCA President and CEO Al Cardillo.