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Business Review Roundtable Eyes Home Care Workforce Issues and More

HCA President Al Cardillo joined a recent home care Industry Roundtable hosted by the Law firm Hodgson Russ and the Albany Business Review.

Check out the Business Review’s transcript of the program offering perspectives on the home care workforce challenge statewide, including approaches that providers and HCA, through legislation, are taking to address it, plus the role of technology and other issues confronting the field.

“The federal system that was created to fund home care was created in the 60s, and in the 70s in New York State,” says Mr. Cardillo in one part of the exchange. “It’s a very different world today in terms of who goes into the hospital, how sick they are when they come out, who goes into nursing homes, and who we want being cared for in the community.”

He adds: “The funding structure that wraps around home care needs to be modernized to the way that services are provided today.”