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Crain’s Reports on Home Care Collaboration Program

Crain’s Health Pulse reports on HCA’s Home Care-Hospital Collaboration Program: “Back in 2013, the Home Care Association of New York State and the Iroquois Healthcare Alliance pushed for an initiative that supported home health care providers, hospitals and doctors as they hashed out collaborative models. Their ally was state Sen. Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau), who in February introduced legislation (S.1110) that established a program in the Department of Health ‘to facilitate innovation in hospital, home care agency and physician collaboration in meeting health care needs in communities.’ The bill was adapted in the state budget; it creates a statute within the Public Health Law to support ‘Hospital-Home Care-Physician Collaboration’ programs. The collaboratives can include long-term care facilities, behavioral health, supportive housing and other providers. The new statute provide a framework for programmatic, financial and regulatory support to facilitate transitions in care; use of clinical pathways; application of telehealth/telemedicine services; health home development; development and demonstration of new models of integrated or collaborative care; bundled payment demonstrations; and other initiatives. HCA said the new models are distinct from DSRIP in that they are ‘more open and flexible, may be smaller or larger in scale, and may be developed and implemented by different configurations of collaborating providers.'”

Download the report here.