HCA Joins with Coalition to Urge Federal Funding for Home Care

Situation Report | August 30, 2021 

HCA has joined with a massive coalition of organizations advocating for federal Medicaid funding for home care. The coalition, comprised of providers, 1199-SEIU, consumers, worker advocacy organizations and others, sent a powerful joint communication to the New York Congressional delegation calling for long-outstanding and urgently needed investment for the home care workforce.  

The communication cited the critical roles played by home care throughout the continuum of need, the burgeoning public outcry and need for home care, chronic under-reimbursement, and the worsening, emergency-level shortages in the workforce, as among the urgent factors compelling increased Medicaid support. The Coalition also focused on the strong starting points of the President’s original $400 billion proposed investment for home care and companion federal legislation aiming toward that same goal. 

HCA is also working integrally with the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), home care associations across the U.S. and other partners, and through our federal government relations organization in Washington, Envision Strategy, to advocate for these financing and legislative goals. 

Most importantly, HCA members have already been communicating in large numbers through our Legislative Action Center in support of our national grassroots advocacy. HCA asks members to be ready to continue with the next wave when the call comes!