HCA Memo, Jan. 27 Member Briefing on New State Budget 

Situation Report | January 25, 2021

Governor Cuomo presented his 2021-22 Executive State Budget proposal in a statewide address on January 19. The proposal, and its implications for HCA members, was summarized in a memo we circulated last week. To learn more, please also be sure to join us for a Zoom briefing on January 27, from 10 to 11 a.m. Registration for this members-only briefing is here.

The Governor framed New York’s budget outlook as a combination of historic revenue losses, pandemic-related expenses for “the COVID war,” and other factors.

The budget is designed under a scenario whereby New York receives $6 billion in federal aid out of the $15 billion that the Cuomo administration says is needed to avoid cuts, revenue raisers and borrowing.

The state’s budget director stressed that all of the state’s proposed reductions in health care, education, or other sectors, as well as revenue raisers like tax increases, are based on an assumed $6 billion in federal aid, and the budget would change given an increase or decrease from this assumption.

Among the Governor’s proposed cuts for health care are 1-percent across-the-board reductions, reductions in workforce recruitment and retention payments, and more. These items are summarized in HCA’s memo, along with other key provisions affecting home and community-based care.

In addition to attending our January 27 budget briefing, please also mark your calendars for HCA’s February 11 and March 9 virtual state advocacy day programs. More information is coming soon.