Healthcare Personnel Influenza Report Due June 1

Situation Report | April 26, 2021

HCA reminds members that the Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination Report must be electronically submitted to the state Department of Health (DOH) by June 1, 2021. 

Under this requirement, home care agencies, hospices and other providers are required to document the number and percentage of personnel vaccinated against influenza for the current season (starting July 1, 2020) and to complete this report.

This year’s report covers health care personnel (HCP) employed by or affiliated with your agency from October 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.  

The report may be accessed on the Health Electronic Response Data System (HERDS).

A Dear Administrator Letter, Frequently Asked Questions, and pre-recorded webinar training are all available here (under “Data Collection and Reporting”). 

Some important information includes:  

  • Each separate agency or facility must submit an individual report under its own organization’s ID; thus, if you have a CHHA and LHCSA, then separate reports must be completed.
  • If HCP works in or is affiliated with more than one agency, this individual must be counted in the total number of HCP for each agency where he or she works.
  • All HCP who worked at an agency for any amount of time (including part-time) should be counted in the report.
  • HCP who verbally indicate that they received a vaccine off-site, but who cannot provide written documentation of the vaccination, should be counted in the “unknown vaccination status” category.
  • HCP that have a religious objection or who reported a contraindication or precaution to an influenza vaccination should be counted in the “declined influenza vaccination” category. 

Questions about the HERDS Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination Report should be directed to DOH’s Bureau of Immunization at either (518) 473-4437 or Technical questions about the report or on the use of HERDS should be directed to the Health Emergency Preparedness Program at (518) 408-5163 or