Help HCA Reach Threshold Response Rate on Strategic Next Steps Survey: New Deadline COB Today

Situation Report | October 13, 2020

HCA recently extended the deadline for our statewide survey on “Industry Needs and Challenges.” The new deadline is at close of business (COB) today, October 13. If your organization has not yet taken the survey, please do so here today.

Your rapid response to past HCA surveys has helped HCA obtain emergency grants supporting you with vital new resources. You also helped document a severe need for PPE, making a convincing case for emergency supplemental supplies, among other measures.

For many of the same reasons and objectives, HCA is seeking different information in a new survey at this current stage of the pandemic and the federal/state economic crises.

Thank you to those who have already responded. For all other HCA members, please take the time today to answer this important request.