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Home Care Hero Gina Pugliese

Gina Pugliese is a #HomeCareHero. Read her story. 


Gina Pugliese, of St. Mary's Hospital for Children and its home care division, is a dedicated and outstanding Physical Therapist. Recently, Gina has gone above and beyond for a patient, Madison, with an inoperable brain stem tumor that is extremely rare and is fatal.

Since starting treatment, Madison has had a couple of setbacks, mostly due to illness and hospitalization. She is also unable to move all of the muscles in her body. She is only able to communicate with eye gaze by answering yes or no questions. 

Recently, Madison's insurance company denied her PT services, stating lack of progress as the reason. Gina Pugliese, who is a PT Clinical Supervisor, conducted a peer-to-peer and was able to get the patient unlimited visits for a period of time.

The clinical director also gave Gina his personal cell number to contact him and informed her that he will authorize more visits if necessary.

   Gina happened to be on vacation during this time and spent the better part of a day trying to get in contact with the clinical director. Gina was also able to get the patient fitted for long leg braces so the clinicians could stand her more efficiently and without risking her knees hyperextending or buckling.

  She was able to get an orthotist to come to the home the NEXT DAY to do the casting.

When the orthotics were delivered, the family was beyond excited and thankful to see Madison standing without maximum assistance!

  This is just one of many examples showcasing Gina’s extraordinary dedication. She also has played a very big part in helping to convert patient care to telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gina consistently goes above and beyond every day and is truly a dedicated therapist.

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