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Home Care Hero Chris Curley

Chris Curley is a #HomeCareHero. Read his story. 


In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the ability to secure essential personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies was vital to keeping staff and patients safe.

The national PPE supply chain was broken, critical shortages were an everyday health care crisis, and UR Medicine Home Care's normal supply channels were sold out, with most products on backorder.

Fortunately, UR Medicine Home Care had a champion and hero, Chris Curley. He worked tirelessly to get the supplies needed, demonstrated calm, and helped employees feel confident that they would have the protective equipment they needed to do their job and to stay safe.

He made it look easy and kept stress levels down. In reality, every day was a race for him. He made countless phone calls to every connection he had in the city, county, and state. He networked with local manufacturers that had switched their product lines to produce PPE supplies and, as a result, he secured donations of face shields, masks, and hand sanitizer worth tens of thousands of dollars. He also traveled thousands of miles in his car picking up supplies and transporting them back to the agency.

Chris Curley, Safety and Security Manager, is a creative problem solver and an out-of-the-box thinker. Pre-COVID-19, he was in charge of emergency management and security for the agency. He quickly embraced the new responsibilities and demonstrated a passion and dedication to his fellow workers by keeping them safe while helping limit the negative financial impact of unbudgeted and in-demand PPE supplies.

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