Join HCA for November 4 Compliance Symposium

Situation Report | October 26, 2020

Program is final HCA signature conference of 2020

Your organization’s compliance watch areas are fundamentally complicated by the pandemic. Rules and regulations have been suspended, waived or changed over a variety of overlapping time spans and jurisdictions, local, state and federal.

And now comes a recent resurgence of state and federal audit activity by enforcement entities. What areas are they examining, and how can you implement procedures to minimize risk?

Meanwhile, agencies who have wisely applied for federal relief funds face entirely new reporting and compliance requirements related to the use of those funds. The terms and conditions are not only new, but incredibly complicated.

Get answers on all of these areas and more during our November 4 signature Corporate Compliance Symposium.┬áThis program is the final signature HCA conference of 2020. Don’t miss it.