LHCSA Statistical Report Due in Two Weeks 

Situation Report | December 7, 2020

HCA reminds members that the 2019 Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) Statistical Report is due December 31, 2020. The state Department of Health has alerted us that only 70 LHCSAs have submitted the report so far.

The LHCSA Statistical Report also incorporates the state-required LHCSA Registration process, which is a condition LHCSAs must meet in order to remain in operation.

Several guidance documents are on the Health Commerce System including a Dear Administrator Letter, Frequently Asked Questions, instructions for downloading new software, instructions for completing the many schedules, and more. You can find these by going to: “My Content,” “Documents by Group,” “View All Documents Group,” “Long Term Care,” “Dear Administrator Letters,” “2020,” and “Home Health Care.”

Penalties for Non-Submission  

DOH indicates that failure to complete and submit the statistical report by the deadline will result in the following:

  • A $500 fine for each month, or part of a month, that the organization is not registered.
  • Agencies not being allowed to operate until they become registered.
  • Agencies that fail to register timely for two years, not necessarily consecutive, may have their licenses revoked.

Additional Important Points    

The Report Manager Software has been revised. If you downloaded the software last year, you must uninstall the old software and install the new software. See the HCS instructions.

LHCSAs that are exclusively Fiscal Intermediaries must complete the LHCSA Statistical Report.

LHCSAs that were newly licensed during the current year (2020) will be automatically registered for and may provide services and bill during 2020. In addition, they must register for 2021 using the LHCSA Registration Short Form, which is a Health Electronic Response Data System (HERDS) survey on the HCS. All other LHCSAs must register for 2021 by successfully submitting a complete 2019 LHCSA Statistical Report and/or 2019 ALP LHCSA Statistical Report (which includes registration information).

The 2019 LHCSA Statistical Report and the 2019 ALP LHCSA Statistical Report will use the DOH-developed Universal Data Collection System (UDCS) platform.

Only those assigned the HCS Administrator Role will be allowed to submit the report, so agencies should ensure their HCS Administrator role assignments are accurate and up to date. The LHCSA Administrators from the 2018 Statistical Report are currently loaded on the Healthcare Financial Data Gateway. New Administrators will be added manually. If you are unable to access the report on the Healthcare Financial Data Gateway, send an e-mail to HCStatRpts@health.ny.gov to ensure that permissions to access the UDCS platform are in place.

LHCSAs serving ALPs have a separate report on UDCS. ALP LHCSAs that exclusively serve ALP patients will not need to enter information on the 2019 LHCSA Statistical Report, but they will need to complete and submit the 2019 ALP LHCSA Statistical Report. ALP LHCSAs that also serve the community must submit the LHCSA Statistical Report regarding the patients in the community and the ALP LHCSA Statistical Report regarding their patients in the ALP.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to HCStatRpts@health.ny.gov (and copy HCA’s Andrew Koski at akoski@hcanys.org).