March 16 Webinar: Know the Legal Implications of Your Staff Vaccination Program

Situation Report | March 15, 2021

Vaccine access for home care and hospice has been challenging enough. But employers face other big questions: how do you track and document your staff’s vaccination status? Should you consider mandating staff vaccinations? What do you do if a patient asks about a caregiver’s vaccine status or requests care only from someone who has been vaccinated?

On March 16 (from 2-3 p.m.), Amy Habib Rittling, Employment Practice Team Leader at Lippes Mathias Weller Friedman, will provide home care and hospice employers with the latest guidance on legal issues related to the COVID-19 vaccine and implications of mandatory and voluntary employer vaccination programs. Register for the webinar here today.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Considerations about mandating or recommending the vaccine or setting up employee incentives.
  • Procuring documentation of vaccination and record-keeping considerations.
  • Addressing patient and family requests for notification of caregiver vaccination status.
  • Handling vaccination exemptions under the ADA and Title VII.