MOLST Committee Meets, Discusses Vision for Outreach, Education

Situation Report | July 6, 2021

The MOLST Implementation Team (of which HCA is a member) met last Wednesday to continue its efforts on behalf of its “Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” goals.

The team briefed the state Department of Health on proposed 2021 final draft MOLST revisions and received the Department’s update on next steps.

Next steps include team member recommendations for the corresponding outreach and educational effort, policy development, and the need for broader, parallel efforts to improve New York’s efforts in referrals to and utilization of hospice and palliative care.

HCA President Al Cardillo emphasized New York’s position as 50th among states in hospice length of stay and the need to address this structural issue. He referred to a 2018 report by the State Palliative Care Education and Training Council which recommended expanding opportunities for clinical competency in palliative care, particularly for RNs and MSWs who are widely in the best position to engage patients and the health system for hospice and palliative care. The report, Recommendations of the New York State Palliative Care Education and Training Council, resulted from legislation crafted by the HCA Hospice and Palliative Care Forum and signed by the Governor.

Citing a model for the state in coordination of MOLST implementation, the Team’s renowned Chair, Dr. Patricia Bomba, referred the participants and DOH to the HCA-led “Statewide Hospital-Home Care Collaborative,” and the initiatives’ showcasing of prototype collaboratives in MOLST and palliative care. The session, along with resources, can be viewed under the webinar tab on our Collaborative website. HCA urges providers to visit this site.

HCA has been doing extensive work at both the state and national levels to promote opportunities and supports for palliative care and looks forward to working with the membership to advance this critical area of our members’ services and the health system.