New Home Care Vaccine Profile: Sullivan County Public Health Services

Situation Report | May 24, 2021 

In our newest Home Care #VaccinateNY profile, we feature the efforts of Sullivan County Public Health Services.

Since March 2020, at least 74 deaths have occurred among Sullivan County residents from COVID-19, with more than 6,517 confirmed cases.

For its effort to vaccinate homebound New Yorkers, the county is using a ‘hub and spoke’ model, focusing on communities with lower vaccination rates, and then sending a nurse and EMT out from the clinic to homebound persons in that zip code. Sullivan County is working closely with its local Office for Aging and Emergency Community Assistance Center to coordinate these efforts.

If your organization is operating a home care vaccination program and would like to be featured by HCA, please write to HCA’s Communications Director Roger Noyes at This is an important effort to raise awareness about home care’s role.