New Info on Home Care Cost Report for CHHAs, LHCSAs, FIs

Last week, HCA met with the state Department of Health (DOH) and other provider associations to follow up on earlier discussions (see the May 11 Situation Report) regarding the new Home Care Cost Report that will be released later this month.

DOH reviewed a draft timetable that includes:

  • A cost report relaunch session: one-hour program on relaunch, provider expectations, and future monthly outreach sessions (end of May).
  • Log-in credentials sent to providers so they can access the new report (end of May).
  • Monthly or bi-monthly provider outreach sessions to include updates, address questions, and discuss specific components of the cost report (June through October).
  • Videos to walk-through the web-based cost report tool (early/mid-June).
  • Audit process webinar (mid-October).
  • Cost report deadline of October 31.
  • Lessons learned webinar (January 2021).

During this meeting, HCA advocated for at least one recorded webinar on the new cost report similar to ones held earlier this year by DOH and KPMG, the state’s contractor. We also requested and DOH agreed to convene the Home Care Cost Report Workgroup prior to the relaunch of the report so it can review the proposed schedule of activities.

DOH agreed to set up a meeting with OMIG to advise it that DOH won’t penalize providers in their rates or on surveys/audits for submitting late or incomplete data and any additional flexibilities in this first year of submitting a new cost report.

DOH also indicated an intention to send out a Dear Administrator Letter that would inform home care providers about the relaunch of cost report activities.

As reported to members, the new cost report will have to be completed by Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs), non-hospital-based Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), and Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs).