Nominations Extended to March 18 for HCA Awards

Situation Report | March 15, 2021

Surely you know of an aide, nurse, or therapist who has shined heroically in the toughest public health challenge we’ve faced in a century, putting patients first.

Or a colleague whose leadership has made New York’s home care and hospice system all the more durable, even among the unimaginable stresses of our current moment.

Or an exceptional advocate: someone at your organization who has fought hard for patients and staff, whether it meant procuring PPE, working to overcome access challenges, or connecting with local emergency managers and other public officials to gain the supports needed by your organization, its patients, and its staff.

Identify these people today and nominate them for one of HCA’s awards. We’ve extended the deadline to March 18.

Don’t miss this chance now to salute a leader, a colleague, and your staff with one of our time-honored awards, including HCA’s Caring, Advocacy, Ruth F. Wilson, Quality, Physician Champion, and “Shining Light” Patient award.