October Breast Cancer Month: Critical Resources to Consult and Share With Your Team

Situation Report | October 11, 2021 

During October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HCA members are encouraged to consult with and share across their agencies, key services available through statewide breast cancer education and detection programs funded under the State Department Health (DOH). 

Originally created by the Legislature in 1989-90, the Breast Cancer Education and Detection Program offers free breast cancer screening and diagnostic services for eligible individuals.  

The program provides mammograms and clinical breast exams to: 

  • Person’s ages 40 and older (some programs serve women ages 50 and older only) 
  • Person’s under age 40 at high risk for breast cancer (eligibility is determined by a New York State-licensed health care provider) 

For individuals who have abnormal results, the program also provides free diagnostic testing and case management services. 

DOH established a comprehensive website for the program’s multiple resources.

Additionally, DOH maintains a site for cancer support services overall, including breast cancer at the NYS Cancer Services Program.

We hope this program information is helpful to you and your teams. Please let us know if you decide to use these in your agency Breast Cancer Month activities, and whether it would be helpful to customize any of the elements for best use in home care and hospice.   

Breast Cancer and Lymphedema: If you haven’t looked into the program created by HCA home care provider member Community Health Center of St. Mary’s Hospital and Nathan Littauer Hospital, make this October the time that you do!

This program provides therapeutic support, education and other clinical management for individuals suffering lymphedema that often can follow breast cancer treatment. Home care can be a difference-maker in the care, ability to function, and quality of life of these individuals. These services may be of direct help to your patients, and also of direct interest to your physician and hospital partners.

Look into this program which is a featured innovation on the HCA website.