OMIG Offers New Relief Process for Audit-Related Financial Hardship

Situation Report | July 20, 2021

The state Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) has implemented a new process that affords providers the opportunity to apply for relief in the event an OMIG audit may pose a financial hardship to the organization.

Providers that have received a Final Audit Report and wish to apply for financial hardship consideration may contact the Bureau of Collections Management at The Bureau will send to the provider a Financial Hardship Application. Upon receipt, OMIG will review the application and make a determination as to an appropriate re-payment plan.

Providers must complete the application in its entirety to be eligible for relief. Those providers who already are in a repayment agreement with OMIG will be required to complete an application upon their one-year review by OMIG.

Sample Financial Hardship Applications are posted on OMIG’s website.

Providers that have questions or are seeking additional information on the financial hardship process may contact