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A Statement from HCA President & CEO Al Cardillo on HCA’s State Advocacy Day, Medicaid, the MRT

“The home care system, which serves close to 900,000 New Yorkers, needs to be represented on the Governor’s Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT), a process that, very swiftly, is expected to devise $2.5 billion in Medicaid cost savings.”

“Today, HCA is meeting with legislators during our state advocacy day in Albany to bolster support for productive cost-savings proposals in Medicaid. These warrant consideration.”

“Our most recent State of the Industry report, released today, finds that many policies driven by the first iteration of the MRT have resulted in new coverage responsibilities and cost obligations on home and community-based organizations that are steeply under-financed, notwithstanding the state’s Medicaid budget challenges, which we are ready to help resolve.”

“Among the Governor’s parameters for the MRT are ‘no impact on local governments’ and ‘no impact on beneficiaries.’ We would add: ‘no impact on the provider infrastructure necessary to serve beneficiaries.’”

“HCA’s productive reforms synchronize with the Governor’s MRT parameters. We are ready and eager to contribute these to the MRT process. Our proposals optimize Medicare and other non-Medicaid forms of coverage for community-based services, improve procedural efficiencies, and account for quantifiable savings made possible by home care interventions in chronic-care management.”

HCA’s State of the Industry report is available at

HCA is a statewide health organization comprised of nearly 400 member providers and organizations delivering home and community-based care to several hundred thousand New Yorkers annually. 


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