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HCA Issues One-Page State Budget Priority Briefing Document for 2021 Advocacy  

HCA’s 2021 advocacy agenda has several components, supported by draft legislative bill language. These proposals are all condensed in a short-form version or one-pager highlighting HCA’s main areas of priority in an easy-to-read format for state legislators.

Our priorities include:

  • Reject the proposed across-the-board state budget cuts.
  • Amend the state budget’s telehealth proposals to include critical guardrails on quality, licensure and scope of practice standards, and ensure proper access.
  • Adopt HCA’s “Home Care First Policy” to ensure consumers’ option to choose home care and hospice.
  • Provide financial sustainability for care by updating episodic and minimum wage Medicaid rates, provide a direct share of federal COVID-19 aid to home and community-based providers, and make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) a component of reimbursement.
  • Address urgent home care and hospice workforce needs.
  • Continue and expand COVID-19 era regulatory relief.

See our one-pager for further details of each priority area.