Providers Act Now: HCA Funds Available for Patient VSC Enrollment

Situation Report | February 22, 2021

As announced in an alert last week, providers should act now to tap first-come, first-served funding support that is newly available for start-up enrollment of your home care patients into the statewide Virtual Senior Center (VSC).

No-Cost Start-Up Subscriptions

The statewide VSC is funded under a grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to HCA’s 501(c)(3) affiliate in partnership with the VSC vendor, Selfhelp Community Services.

Funds are available to defray the start-up cost of VSC enrollment for Medicaid, Medicare, or other patients with limited income who are facing social isolation and need social supportive services.

These subscriptions will support enrollment for up to 35 patients per provider over a “start-up” period of three to five months: a direct value of up to $10,500 for each participating agency. Depending on participation rates, additional start-up enrollment capacity for providers may be available.

While this is a first-come, first-served opportunity, we are mindful of geographic equity and encourage providers in all regions of New York State to participate.

How to Register and Receive Subscription Support

Interested providers should immediately complete Selfhelp’s community partners form.

Selfhelp’s VSC staff will work individually with you to enroll patients and customize VSC services. Once notified of your patients’ enrollment, HCA will provide grant funds to the VSC in accordance with the number of grant-registered home care enrollees receiving the service during the start-up period.

After the Startup Period

Ordinarily, outside of these grant-supported subscriptions, the private VSC service rate is $60 per person per month. Persons enrolled under the grant’s start-up assistance fund (as described above) who wish to continue the service after the grant period will receive a Selfhelp discounted rate of $40 per person per month.

Funding options for the VSC are also being explored under Medicaid and other sources.

Currently, there are 800-plus persons statewide enrolled in the VSC, and hundreds of additional patients are in the process of enrollment.

To learn more about this statewide VSC initiative, please visit

The statewide Virtual Senior Center (VSC) is a partnership between HCA Education and Research and Selfhelp Community Services to support isolated homebound New Yorkers. It is funded by a grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation.