Timely New Resources from ENDSepsis and Sepsis Alliance

Situation Report | September 27, 2021

The ENDSepsis-The Rory Staunton Legacy and Sepsis Alliance organizations have each shared with HCA timely new resources that organizations can use in conjunction with September Sepsis Awareness Month efforts. HCA encourages providers to use them to support actions and outreach in this particular advocacy month. 

ENDSepsis (previously, the Rory Staunton Foundation for Sepsis Prevention) was co-founded by Orlaith and Ciaran Staunton in dedication to their son Rory and to their mission, in his legacy, to end sepsis deaths. Twelve-year old Rory tragically died when a minor cut sustained in basketball led to an infection and rapid sepsis spiral to his passing in just days. Sepsis awareness in the medical community and in the public could have prevented Rory’s death, and the annual death of thousands in the US. 

While sepsis claims both healthy and medically at-risk individuals, the populations served in home care are among the highest risk. 

ENDSepsis shared information with HCA, which is available here, to circulate to providers and organizations to use in Sepsis Awareness Month efforts. A full array of resources, including compelling educational videos, studies, documents and powerful background on Rory’s story are available on the ENDSepsis website.

Additionally, Sepsis Alliance shared a compelling sepsis awareness interview of Dr. Carl Flatley – founder, leader and father of Erin – that can be accessed here

Erin Flatley was a healthy 23-year-old when the onset of sepsis abruptly, and quickly, took her life following an otherwise straightforward surgical procedure. See the video, Sepsis Emergency. The preventable loss of Erin, a healthy young woman, to sepsis, led her father, Dr. Carl Flatley to start Sepsis Alliance, the national educational, informational and advocacy organization. To help further awareness as part of Sepsis Awareness Month efforts, Dr. Flatley’s latest undertaking is shared in the linked interview above.  

View and access all of Sepsis Alliance’s professional and public resources on their homepage.

HCA appreciates our close collaboration and partnership with both ENDSepsis and Sepsis Alliance, and the resources such as these that they make available to providers and the public nationwide. Both are partners in HCA’s current statewide grant initiative to improve sepsis intervention through home care and through coordination with the entire health care continuum.  Learn more about sepsis initiatives for home care by writing to sepsistool@hcanys.org.