UAS Getting Updated to Version 1.11

Situation Report | August 2, 2021

The Uniform Assessment System (UAS-NY) software has been updated to version 1.11. The online upgrade will begin on August 11 at 5 p.m. and completed no later than August 12 at 8 a.m.

During this time, the UAS-NY Online Application, UAS-NY Offline Application, and UAS-NY Training Environment will be unavailable.

Agencies will have to read new materials — UAS-NY Training Environment Course 1007-MLTC Required Reading — by September 1 in order to obtain UAS access.

Some changes in version 1.11 include a new Consistency Checker tool and Targeted Messaging System, an emergency e-mail contact address for parents/legal guardians, and more.

August 2021 Software Version 1.11 paper assessments will be published for the following assessments:

  • UAS-NY Community Health Assessment
  • UAS-NY Community Health Assessment Functional Supplement
  • UAS-NY Community Health Assessment Mental Health Supplement
  • UAS-NY Pediatric 0-3 Assessment
  • UAS-NY Pediatric 4-17 Assessment

The paper assessments will be posted in the UAS-NY Training Environment, Course 8100 Instruments and Reference Manuals, on August 12 and will replace all previous versions.

Questions can be directed to or (518) 408-1021.