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Comparison Table of DOL’s Dec. 2018 and Nov. 2017 Call-in Pay Proposed Regs

Last week, HCA alerted members that the state Department of Labor (DOL) posted revisions to already-proposed employee scheduling (“call-in pay”) regulations.

HCA has prepared a document that compares the previously proposed regulations with the newly released regulations. It is posted at

The newly proposed rule can be found on the DOL website at

An initial version of these regulations was proposed on November 22, 2017, requiring employers to provide additional pay when a shift is cancelled or not scheduled within a certain advanced time requirement. It would also mandate additional pay for employees who are required to be in contact with the employer about a possible upcoming shift. HCA commented and delivered testimony on the original proposals earlier this year (see

The revised regulations will trigger yet another comment period where HCA will reiterate our call for the state to carve-out the home care, hospice and MLTC sectors from the proposed regulations should they be adopted.