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Responses Needed by Oct. 13: Follow-up HCA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Survey

Under the state’s vaccination mandate, staff of home care, hospice and other health care organizations must receive the COVID-19 vaccination (first dose by October 7, 2021), with only a limited exception for medical reasons.

HCA is once again seeking critical input from home health agencies and hospices to help determine the actual number of staff who were either placed on administrative leave, suspended, voluntarily resigned or terminated for choosing not to be vaccinated or failing to provide proof of vaccination by October 7, 2021.


This brief eight question survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete and responses are due by close of business on Wednesday, October 13.


All responses are confidential and will only be reported in the aggregate.

If you operate more than one agency type, please submit a separate survey for each agency. For example, if you operate a certified home health agency or licensed home care services agency, you will submit two surveys.

HCA’s Advocacy Efforts

HCA has been in daily communication with the state Department of Health and the Governor’s office, urging for the consideration of home care agencies and patients’ needs in the implementation of the vaccine mandate. HCA President, Al Cardillo, has also been publicizing the results of the Association’s recent COVID-19 Impact Survey daily, as well.

Your responses to this survey will be vital in the Association’s on-going discussions with the state.

Please answer this survey as soon as possible and no later than close of business on Wednesday, October 13.