Update on Home Care Cost Report Due Oct. 31

Situation Report | October 26, 2020

HCA wants to make sure that members received the following statement about inquiries directed to the state Department of Health (DOH) and/or KPMG, the state’s contractor, regarding the new Home Care Cost Report that is due October 31, 2020. 

We understand that many agencies have Home Care Cost Report questions related to specific nuances of their agency. While completing the schedules of the cost report, please report the information to the best of your ability in alignment with guidance that has been given to date. Note that while we will do our best to respond, not every single question submitted to the mailbox or within the Web-based Tool will receive a response. The expectation is that you use all available materials (tutorials, outreach session materials, updated guidance documents) to assist with your reporting and you do so to the best of your ability. 

With that being said, we will continue to respond to Web-based Tool inquiries, login credential requests, and other appropriate technical inquiries. 

Furthermore, DOH states:

The Department of Health’s intention is not to impose penalties or sanctions that would have a negative effect on an agency or any reimbursement rate they receive. DOH has worked closely with KPMG over the past several months to provide support and outreach to providers in an effort to make the Home Care Cost Report submission process as seamless as possible. DOH’s intention is to continue to serve as a partner to the provider community for the duration of the cost report submission and audit process. 

As directed by DOH, HCA advises agencies to do the best they can to complete the Cost Report and submit it by October 31. If there are certain schedules or parts of schedules that you cannot complete, you should indicate that and give reasons for non-completion. If you are not sure how to calculate some of the requested data, you should estimate and provide supporting documentation for such estimates. 

DOH has assured the associations, stakeholders and agencies that it will not penalize agencies for not submitting complete data during this first year of the new cost report.