Virtual Bootcamp: LHCSA CON, New LHCSA Authorization Mandate & More

HCA is presenting a webinar on April 22 (9:45-11 a.m.), led by Michael Paulsen of Hinman Straub, to review a new public need methodology for Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) and a new authorization process that will select which LHCSAs can provide home care services to Medicaid recipients. Please register here.

This is critical information that all LHCSAs need for continuity of license and operations as well as long-term planning.

The new LHCSA public need methodology went into effect April 1. Learn who this will apply to, who is excluded, the factors to be considered in public-need applications, and more.

In addition, the final state budget established a new LHCSA authorization process that all LHCSAs will have to undergo in order to obtain state approval to continue to provide services to Medicaid recipients. Learn the selection criteria for this process and other details.